Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Dress!!!

This was probably the HARDEST topic not to blog about the months leading up to the wedding. But with the Office Groom dropping by the site every once and a while, I just coudln't risk him finding out! So with begrudgingly tight lips, I've kept it a secret but now I can finally do the reveal!

I found my gem of a dress at Ferre Sposa, a small boutique located on Bloor Street West. After trying one too many dresses at other stores, I was about ready to give up until I discovered Ferre Sposa while on a walk. The dresses displayed on the window front immediately gave me the confidence that this store would not disappoint, and once I had a look inside I knew that I was right.

The dress caught my eye almost instantly, with his bedazzled sweetheart neckline and gorgeous ivory satin fabric. And when I put it on - WOW! I felt like a movie star (coincidentally, when I looked it up online after trying it on, the description included the words "old HOllywood").

Like most images online, the photos I found didn't really do it justice. Although one shot managed to capture the amazing train.



I loved how simple yet elegant it was. Personally I'm not one for too much beading and lace on a dress, but the Swarovski crystal detailing along the neckline was just perfect! Guests told me later that when I walked down the aisle of the church I was sparkling (literally and figuratively!).

Ok, ok... enough babbling! Here are a few photos of ME in the dress :)



I'll have more photos soon of the detailing once I get them from our photographer!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Office...Wife

Hey ladies! Exactly one month ago from today, the Office Groom and I made it official!!!! I can't believe the time has come for me to say that, since it truly feels like I just started this blog last week. For the next little while I'm going to recap different details of the big day and eventually our honeymoon. Who knows, maybe some of you bride-to-bes can still benefit from it? And ok, fine...I'm still on a high from that day and am in no hurry to stop talking about it LOL

Today, I just wanted to simply say this - it was an amazing day. All the planning, ups and downs, compromises, changes, arguments - it was worth it. I have never felt so much love, or that special than on that day, and if I could somehow bottle it up to have whenever I'm having a bad day, I would :)

If any of you are going through a down point right now while planning, remember why you're doing it (marrying your soul mate, I hope), and that it will all be worth it at the end!